Falling TV's send kids to the ER evey 30 minutes

Note to all parents with young children:
High Definition Installations was contacted recently by a parent who’s 3 year old climbed up on a media cabinet and ended up tipping over the TV, landing on top of the child on the floor. Fortunately the child was not seriously injured. The distraught parent called us in to wall mount a brand new TV to prevent this accident from ever happening again. The statistics are shocking - injuries specifically in a TV tip-over rose to 12,300 in 2011, a 125 percent increase in 22 years. The rate of injury from TV tip-overs increased 95 percent! High Definition Installations believes this problem is about to dramatically increase. Check out the two pictures below of a new 2014 panel. Look at the new design of the stands - they provide very little resistance for tipping if a small child grabs a hold of the TV. So any parents of small children are strongly encouraged to have all flat panels in the home wall mounted to prevent tip over injuries.
Here is a recent
article on tip over injuries to small children.

Samsung tip1Samsung tip2

Flat Panel TV speakers

At High Definition Installations we wall mount a lot of brand new TV's. The trend for any new Panel today is to be super thin. We've seen Panel's that are even less than 1.5" thick!  And customers demand that the TV be mounted as close to the wall as possible for a clean look.  One of the comments we hear over and over again from customers that the sound coming from the TV speakers is really poor.  There are a couple of reasons for this: As the panels get thinner there is physically no room in the panel housing for a large speaker. so the speakers are tiny with small magnets so as to not interfere with the display.  And placement, speakers either face downwards or at the back (see picture below).  Imagine a panel wall mounted with speakers facing the wall with less than one inch between the wall and the panel. Customers spend thousands on a brand new TV only to be disappointed with the sound quality of the sub par TV speakers. Imagine watching a new Blu-Ray movie and seeing an amazing picture but missing out on all the great sound.  Hardly a satisfying experience. To get the most out of your viewing experience we recommend that our customers seriously consider a high quality sound bar to complement the TV. One of the best sound bars on the market is the Soundtrack System by Paradigm Electronics and as were are a dealer for Paradigm customers can save the installation fee if purchased through High Definition Installations.
TV speakersSoundtrack System

The general contractor

The picture below was taken at a house where a huge renovation had just been competed. High Definition Installations was asked to mount a 60” LED panel, install in wall speakers, and hook up a 5.1 surround sound system. Upon arriving at the customer’s house it became evident that this installation may not be what the customer was looking for. While the general contractor obviously had the best of intentions, there were a couple of problems with the build. First, the length of the HDMI cables - barely 16” of length had been allowed to attach to the back of the panel. Given the TV was 60”, there needed to be at least 36” of slack to properly attach to the panel and allow for an acceptable cable bend radius. And secondly, notice the distance between the plug and the mantle - barely one inch. Therefore in order to cover the plug the TV had to basically sit right on top of the mantle. Besides the obvious aesthetic of a panel resting 1” above the mantle, from the seated position the bottom portion of the TV was visually cut off by the mantle. The general contractor was really cool about the whole situation and ended up fixing everything to satisfy the customer but the point is that had the customer contacted a custom installation company like High Definition Installations during the construction phase, all of this could have been avoided.

117_Bracket over fireplace

In ceiling speakers

This is a vapour barrier for a in ceiling speaker.  Some customers tell us that they want multi room audio speakers in the ceiling of their bedroom. The concern is that in a attic ceiling on a house that is finished there is no vapour barrier (as shown) unless installed during the construction phase of the house. Why this is important?  A hole in the attic ceiling measuring at least 6” in diameter is huge source of heat loss in a home which increases the home heating costs. However there are ways around this so please contact High Definition Installations for more information.

334_vapour barrier

A case for Structured Wiring

Structured wiring for a simple 5.1 surround system home theatre. There is a significant cost savings to have the wiring roughed during the construction phase of a new house prior to the drywall going up. While this may seem obvious to most, some customers think that 'wire fishing' means that the wires somehow pass through solid wood/drywall in order to get to the termination point.  So if your house is under construction PLEASE give us a call for a free quote on Structured Wiring options


"The Pipe"

High Definition Installations often gets calls from customers saying that wire concealing is not required as the builder put a pipe in the wall.  The problem with this is that the builder often uses pipe and fittings commonly used for central vacuum. And in some cases the builder uses several 90 degree elbows which makes it virtually impossible to fish a bulk of wires through.  The solution for this is to tell the builder to use "Corrugated Loom Tubing" designed specifically for cabling routing and NOT vacuum tube - which is designed to channel dirt etc. to the vacuum canister

283_60 over stone1